{Rainbow} Hand Dyed Swaddle Blanket

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A customer favorite, this rainbow is a gorgeous mix of red, orange, yellow, lime, blue and purple.

Our swaddle blankets are the perfect gift for a new arrival (or a blanket toting toddler!). They are so versatile and can be used as car seat covers, burp rags, stroller blankets, and on and on...

Because we make each of these blankets by hand, each blanket will be one of a kind!

Now you can personalize your dyed swaddle! 

Name to be stamped is limited to 10 characters including spaces. Stamps on dyed blanket will be in black. 

There are NO returns

Our muslin swaddle is handmade with rolled hem edges and measures approximately 47"x47". We worked with many fabric suppliers before we found the perfect fit, a 70% bamboo/30% cotton blend. The bamboo makes them buttery soft and the cotton helps them outlast toddlerhood.

We double wash our dyed blankets with fragrance and dye free laundry soap. We still recommend washing the blanket a couple times on its own so it doesn't "leak" on to any whites or lights.


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